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For a Self initiated project I decided to turn my scanner into a camera. This is something that i had picked up from a past photography tutor and there are plenty of people who have done this before. What I feel that makes mine unique is the fact that it can print the image directly as I have used a printer scanner. By pushing photocopy the scanner takes the picture by the magnifying glass focusing the image onto the scanner bed. This is then printed by the printer. No need for a computer, just get the focus and distance set up plug it in and hey presto. (I will upload a video of it working soon). 

   The photo quality from the camera is amazing considering how simple it is. The the grainy print affect ads a hint of old film photography but with a digital twist. In essence it is a pin hole Polaroid camera. Also as can be seen from the photos if you keep perfectly still for the 20 seconds it takes to scan you get a clear crisp image but if you move the image can be distorted as some clever people have experimented with, turning themselves into aliens.

   Luckily last week we held a mid year show of Second year graphics work from Kingston University. This provided a perfect place to test and show the camera to a wider audience. I had the perfect spot set up in an alcove in the exhibition and set up a photo booth where people could have there photos taken by the camera. (pictures below) It went down amazingly well with people cueing for photos, which meant i was stuck with the camera all night being slowly fead beer from upstairs. Photos of the camera at the exhibition are below and scans of all the photos pinned up at the exhibition which you are free to download.


Photos from the show. Please feel free to download them.

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